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Reading: In Memoriam: Eva Lassman


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In Memoriam: Eva Lassman


Jerri Shepard

Gonzaga University, US
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One woman who did indeed play such a role in standing up to hate and reshaping community was Eva Lassman. An honorary board member of the Institute for Hate Studies, a Holocaust survivor, a wife, mother, speaker, friend, and constant inspiration to the Inland Northwest community for more than 50 years, Eva passed away on February 9, 2011 at the age of 91, leaving us poorer in comrades, yet richer in the wisdom she shared and the example she set. The Institute for Hate Studies presents annually two “Eva Lassman Take Action Against Hate Awards,” to individuals and organizations in the Inland Northwest. Jerri Shepard, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Gonzaga University, Institute board member, and personal friend of Eva, offers the memorial to Eva that concludes this volume of the Journal of Hate Studies.
How to Cite: Shepard, J., 2011. In Memoriam: Eva Lassman. Journal of Hate Studies, 9(1), DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2011.


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