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Reading: Genocidal Religion


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Genocidal Religion


Steven Leonard Jacobs

The University of Alabama, US
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There is no more egregious hateful behavior than that of genocide.  There is no more uncomfortable thought than that of religion as a participating factor in the perpetration of genocide, though religious studies scholars come late to any discussion of genocide. This paper, an initial foray into a much longer and more in-depth book-length project, and whose author is desirous of collegial feedback (, is a preliminary conversation addressing four precipitating factors: (1) tribalism, (2) religious exclusivism, (3) privileged access to the divine, and (4) a particularistic and parochial reading of sacred texts. It will also attempt, by way of conclusion, to offer possible practical and realistic suggestions to reverse this nexus between genocide and religion.
How to Cite: Jacobs, S.L., 2011. Genocidal Religion. Journal of Hate Studies, 9(1), pp.221–235. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2011.


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