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Reading: What Is Genocide?


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What Is Genocide?


Maggi Eastwood

Gonzaga University, US
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This volume offers an answer to a question that has been debated within academia since the adoption of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.1 More recently, the same question has arisen within the field of genocide studies. Martin Shaw, a professor of International Relations and Politics at the University of Sussex, fashions an answer, but it is not a likeable response. He has no real answer. Instead Shaw walks the reader through a series of definitions, opinions, and arguments that are systematically rejected in his search for an answer. Shaw compares these arguments against the backdrop of the earlier concept of genocide initially introduced by Raphael Lemkin2 and the definition given in the Genocide Convention.

How to Cite: Eastwood, M., 2007. What Is Genocide?. Journal of Hate Studies, 6(1), pp.129–131. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2007.


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