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Reading: Homophobic Hate Propaganda in Canada


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Homophobic Hate Propaganda in Canada


Ellen Faulkner

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While the typical hate crime is perceived to be of a violent nature perpetrated by individuals connected to Nazi and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacists, a more insidious form of hatred exists in the form of hate propaganda (Kinsella 1994; Martin 1995; Sher 1983; Sunahara 1981; Abella and Trooper 1982; Barrett 1987; Betcherman 1975; Bolaria and Li 1985; Frideres 1976). In Canada “hate messages take a variety of forms including flaming crosses, heckling at memorial services, music, and desecration of synagogues, mosques, or temples” (Commission for Racial Equality 1999, quoted in Kazarian 1998, 204). “In the winter of 1992, alone protestor at an Ontario university disrupted a Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) ceremony in memory of the 1938 attack by Nazi soldiers on Jewish homes and businesses” (Gillis 1993, quoted in Kazarian 1998, 204).

How to Cite: Faulkner, E., 2006. Homophobic Hate Propaganda in Canada. Journal of Hate Studies, 5(1), p.63. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2006.


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