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Reading: Poetry: I am a Jew


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Poetry: I am a Jew


Michael Gurian

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I am a Jew, 47 years old, of no special courage.

Everyday I try to feel myself in the soil and the stem,

in the light of ancient books and new worlds;

I try to sense the fingertip of G-d in the fragrance of my children's newly washed hair.

Everday, I try to sing with a spirit both measured and ecstatic, find places to worship where I can feel warmth that first attracted me toward my birth.

Scorn the beasts that covet the blood of my door.

I am a Jew.

How to Cite: Gurian, M., 2005. Poetry: I am a Jew. Journal of Hate Studies, 4(1), p.7. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2005.


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