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Reading: Religion as Hatred: Antisemitism as a Case Study


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Religion as Hatred: Antisemitism as a Case Study


John T. Pawlikowski

Catholic-Jewish Studies Program, Catholic Theological Union, US
About John T.

Professor of Social Ethics, Director

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The topic of religion as a source of hatred could be explored through several lenses. I first came to this topic through an analysis and evaluation of the studies done on prejudice in Catholic teaching materials undertaken in the sociology department of St. Louis University. This evaluation of ways in which Catholic textbooks covering literature, social studies, and religion generated stereotypes of religious and racial outgroups opened my eyes to the ways in which religion could become a force for social hatred rather than reconciliation.  This initial research has grounded my subsequent work both as a social ethicist and as a scholar concerned about interreligious relations. It has convinced me that any effort to use religion as a source for social reconciliation must be preceded by a thorough examination of how religion has historically contributed to the birth of social prejudice.

How to Cite: Pawlikowski, J.T., 2004. Religion as Hatred: Antisemitism as a Case Study. Journal of Hate Studies, 3(1), pp.37–48. DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2004.
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